MGTECK has emerged as an organization that continues to build an influential and competitive global presence with its first-rate reputation and continually enhancing its financial position in the market by maintaining the highest standards of performance, reliability and safety.


MGTECK is a commercial manager of the vessels and is responsible for the management of the employment or chartering of a vessel and associated functions, including seeking and negotiating employment for vessels, billing and collecting revenues either with direct cooperation from chartering brokers or through subcontracting of related commercial activities to a chartering house.


MGTECK is the owner and commercial manager of the fleet of vessels. The management team consists of individuals well versed in the dry bulk and energy shipping sector. The fleet has currently five dry bulk vessels and plans on the addition of more vessels within the next two years.

The fleet will be chartered to customers under time charters. MGTECK will continuously monitor the developments in the industry and, subject to market demand, will negotiate the charter hire periods based on prevailing market conditions along with our forecasting of future market conditions. We strive to fix the charters with ‘blue chip’ customers and take into consideration the routes of trade along with the cargo, minimizing the risk of default by said charterers.


China, the largest customer for dry-bulk lines, followed by Japan, is increasing imports from the U.S., Canada and New Zealand as Russian supplies decline. Emerging nations such as these and other that have with greater demand for commodities both for production and consumption will fuel demand to offset the downturn in demand from developed nations. This bodes well for smaller bulk vessels as most smaller and developing nations have less adequate port facilities and only can allow access to handysize vessels, similar to those in our fleet, to deploy their cargo.

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